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WY-55 hellcat issue
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When engin is ON, if someone Embark / Disembark, it cause damage to the chopper.
Sometimes the problem don't show, and show after few minutes.


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Play with IA or Friends.
Take pilot seat in the WY-55 Hellcat chopper.
Ask to your group to Embark, then Disembark, then Embark again, until it destroy your chopper.

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Got the same problem, figured out if you turn the engine off completely and there is ZERO rotor movement you do not break the helicopter.

Best guess would be disembarking sends the played hitbox through the rotors causing the damage.

Issue reproduced on dedicated and self-hosted server.

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Been able to reproduce countless times, has made it almost impossible to use this helicopter online for transport.

It's a duplicate of this bug - 0016456 (, please monitor that.