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Various weapons have the same exact display name.
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Populating a list box with weapons display names via config entries is useless. Weapons show up with exactly the same display name and picture. The pictures aren't that big of a deal though. However the names are.

Populating a list box with all weapons you end up with stuff like:
MK18 ABR 7.62mm
MK18 ABR 7.62mm
MK18 ABR 7.62mm
MK18 ABR 7.62mm
MK18 ABR 7.62mm
Katiba 6.5mm
Katiba 6.5mm
Katiba 6.5mm
Katiba 6.5mm
Katiba 6.5mm
MX 6.5mm
MX 6.5mm
MX 6.5mm
MX 6.5mm
MX 6.5mm

It should look something like:
MK18 ABR 7.62mm
MK18 ABR 7.62mm DMS
MK18 ABR 7.62mm ACO
MK18 ABR 7.62mm ACO SD Pointer
MK18 ABR 7.62mm HAMR
MK18 ABR 7.62mm HAMR SD Pointer
Katiba 6.5mm ACO
Katiba 6.5mm ACO SD Pointer
Katiba 6.5mm MRCO
Katiba 6.5mm MRCO SD Pointer
Katiba 6.5mm someOtherShit
MX 6.5mm ACO
MX 6.5mm ACO Pointer
MX 6.5mm ACO SD Pointer
MX 6.5mm HAMR Pointer
MX 6.5mm etc etc


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This just doesn't work with the new attachment system. If you remove, for example, an RCO from an "MX 6.5mm RCO", the MX will still have the same name, even though it doesn't have an RCO.

As a response to what AD2001 pointed out; Completely different issue. The issue at hand is that when having a list of items, although they are completely different, their display name is exactly the same. This will not allow the player to choose proper weapons if they're provided with a UI to do so, unless pictures are added to said UI (extra work).

This issue definitely needs to be fixed. Display names don't need to update after the player has the weapons - the player knows well enough that he has X gun in his hands right now, and can easily view attachments via inventory. It is impossible to do so in a custom made UI.

@ tryteyker - Exactly. I populate a LB for example with all weapons very simply via config reference. There's same names everywhere. Even the pictures are the exact same. I could care less about what the player does with the weapon afterwords or what attachments he decides to use. A weapon in the cfg with a designated set of attachments should have differing display names...