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Buildings destroyable via PhysX.
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Right now all structures can have 2 or 3 states (either OK/destroyed or OK/damaged/destroyed). That would be enough for eraly 2000s but now when Arma 3 has PhysX it's shame it's not used for something more than ragdoll.

The idea of the request is shown in the video:

I understand that realization of this feature can require recreation/modification of all existing structures (and a little bit naive because), but simple adding physx-destroyed-buildings in game engine will be enough (I suppose the community will handle all the rest).

Apart from looking good this also makes gameplay different:

  1. Make wall-breaching possible;
  2. Make creating keyholes possible for urban warfare.


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Oh my God, nobody ever thought of this!

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Ok, then give me a link to the report.

So, as I see you want this feature never to be implemented and stick to ancient style of buildings destruction.

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Do somethings BI use the tool that you have implemented into the game !!

You said "game is using physX" OKKKK : USE PHYSX NOW !!!!!!!!!

"3D realistic clouds" : OK ! Use more realistic weather with several kind of clouds.

The list goes on...

Bi use tool which you have implemetend into the game ! Thanks !


There are your links.