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Broken Damage system (all of the sudden)
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I think it was the last update but the game is now unplayable do to damage modeling. It now takes AT LEAST 4 shots to kill with a 5.56, and multiple headshots unless right in the exposed face. 6.5 still only kill in 3 to the chest and usually takes 2 headshots. Pistols and SMG's are no also totally useless. I love this game but now it is unplayable. PLEASE fix this it is urgent. Now I turn a corner, hit an enemy with an entire burst of a Mk20/TRG and they flinch and then kill me in 1-2 shots anyway. The 6.5 is now annoying to use at long range and a shot to the shoulder at 200m does not kill. This is VERY urgent. It's a realistic game, high firearm damage is essential.


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Health System
Steps To Reproduce
  1. Equip a 5.56 weapon.
  1. Shoot an enemy in center of mass. Then shoot another in the head.
  1. observe the amount of shots to kill.
  1. Try with a 6.5mm
  1. observe how headshots on the sides or back of head NEVER kill in one shot.
Additional Information

I have Extended Armor off. I had mods when I noticed it but tried again in vanilla with no change. I can't play until this is fixed, it ruins shootouts. I tried shooting units with rigs instead of plat carrier armor and it still does it. ANY helmet or chest rig causes this high damage. Even FIA units take many chest shots.

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Already reported. Can't find the ticket, though.

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Agreed to the above. Empty full clip to hopefully kill an AI.

Found it. Duplicate of #0016542.