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No sound in ArmA 3 at all.
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I tried everything, udpating Direct X, sound card, changing sample rate... nothing has changed.


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have you checked your sound options in-game? is this the only game that does this?

Sound works fine for me

Yes, only this game does this. Options in-game are useless in this case.

i know you may have already done this........ tried checking game files?

Sure, did this twice.

i've come across the same ordeal. No audio for arma 3 only, everything else is fine. when i go to my audio mixer, arma never even shows up? idk. everything was fine until like 2 days ago.

Happens to me sometimes, randomly in game, I just restart.

I'm having the same issue. Just randomly out of the blue ArmA 3 sounds just stopped working. I used to not be able to see it in the volume mixer but now it's appearing but still no sound. I've tried everything as well (DirectX, windows hotfix, changing playback settings, volume control options, in-game menus). This also only happens for ArmA 3. Not any other game I own. I recently checked the rpt files located in the appdata/local/arma3 folder and it says this:

23:42:47 Sound engine not initialized properly - dummy sound implementation used, NO SOUND !!!
23:42:47 InitSound ...
23:42:47 InitSound - complete

What does this mean? It looks like I've found the problem but I've looked everywhere and I can't seem to find anything related to fix it. Help please. Thanks.

Does it only happen when you have headphones plugged in?

Sadly no. It happens with whatever sound output I'm using. If I use my headset: nothing. If I use my speakers: nothing.

I'm having the same problem intermittently. I've found that if I change my output device to my speakers and back to my headphones then try launching Arma again, it'll fix it (although sometimes I have to do this multiple times).

Here's the relevant part of the .rpt (I can post the full RPT if necessary):

11:55:55 Sound engine not initialized properly - dummy sound implementation used, NO SOUND !!!
11:55:55 InitSound ...
11:55:55 InitSound - complete

When any of you guys lose sound, do the subtitles disappear? If I give an order after my sound has been disabled by the game, I don't see subtitles and none of the orders actually occur. ( So If I ordered a soldier to stop, I would see no subtitle and they would not stop ) Does this happen to anyone else?

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I have exactly the same issue

Sometimes ArmA 3 stops playing sound through one speaker of my USB headphones. Only happens on ArmA 3. When I pause the game, both speakers work. If I alt-tab when it happens, and test the sound/headphones, sound plays through both speakers.

I found a fix for my problem which also aapplied to DayZ standalone. All you have to is right click the ArmA 3 exe file and click troubleshoot compatability. It will the run the game with sound somehow. The next time you run ArmA 3 you can run it normally without having to right click and hit troubleshoot compatibility.

GREAT!!!! that worked for me ! many thanks!