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Hellcat rotor breaks if someone stands next to it
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The main rotor on both models of the WY-55 Hellcat breaks if a character is standing on the left or right sinde of the helicopter while the pilot starts the rotor.



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Game Physics
Steps To Reproduce

load the attached repro mission.

  • The civilian character is allready standing in a position to trigger the issue.
  • get into the left Hellcat (camo variant) and start the rotor.
  • It should break about two seconds after starting
  • Try to repair the Helicopte rusing the Zamak repairtruck (should not work)

You can also take control of the civilian using the "U" key to test other positions.

Additional Information
  • The rotor only breaks during start-up. If the engine runs at full speed nothing happens
  • The damaged rotor cannot be repaired via reair truck.
  • Standing under the rotor blades in front of the chopper seems to have no effect
  • may be related to issue 0011987

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It's a duplicate of this bug - 0016456 (, please monitor that.