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Unable to switch vehicle seats when a higher ranking seat is occupied
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So I tested this again with a friend and the end conclusion was that the vehicle seats are ranked:

  1. commander
  2. gunner
  3. driver
  4. first passenger to enter
  5. the other passenger

To give you an example:
Lets say you have an empty Gorgon IFV, and John enters the driver seat of it, he can switch between all seats in the vehicle. But if James enters the gunner seat of the same Gorgon, John will lose the options to switch seats, and those options will go to James. Why? because James's gunner seat has priority over the John's driver seat. If James switches to a passenger seat John gets the permissions and James won't be able to switch back to his gunner seat.

I don't know if this is a bug or intentional, but I would like to have the option to switch seat no matter what seat you're in. I've had a couple of incidents where a teammate had connection drop in the middle of firefight and I could not switch from a passenger seat to the gunner seat because of the commander seat or driver seat being occupied.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Join or host a multiplayer server.
  2. Find a vehicle preferable with gunner and commander seat, or create a mission with two playable units and a Gorgon.
  3. Enter the vehicle in a passenger, driver or gunner seat.
  4. Ask your buddy enter the vehicle in a higher ranking seat, say the commander seat.
  5. Observe how you have the seat switching options in the scroll down menu before he enters, and its gone after he entered the vehicle.
  6. Ask him to exit the vehicle and observe the option return.

I tested it with a friend for 40 minutes in the Gorgon, Strider HMG, Panther and T-100 and the same thing happened every time.

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Problem also exists in not armoured vehicles, and is indeed very annoying

So I updated the issue, the problem stays the same only the information was updated.

My friend and I we tested it a bit more thoroughly and I updated the info because I founded the information not clear enough.