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WY-55 Wildcat's MROT gets destroyed when other player enter it
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Noticed this today on multiplayer , the new helicopter's MROT gets destroyed when another player Rides in the Back or goes to the Copilot seat , it seems the rotor is hiting the back side of the helo.


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Health System
Steps To Reproduce

-Go to Multiplayer
-Place a WY-55 Wildcat
-Enter the helicopter
-Then ask another player to enter it while the engine is on

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glad somebody posted this,this has to be fixed asap,helicopter is useless if either version cant haul troops,come on bohemia test your stuff before u release it

It sucks cause it's a great helicopter but it's useless like this . I hope they fix this fast , didn't they say in a report that they were going on holiday or something? If so , we will only have this fixed by 2014.

Its not just in MP, in single player if you get AI to enter the chopper it destroys the rotors some how. I never even knew there was an option in arma that men could destroy chopper rotors, but I do now.

I hope they're going to fix this soon , dont want to wait till 2014 :(

It's a duplicate of this bug - 0016456 (, please monitor that.