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AAF Hellcat Firepower
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The Hellcat for the AAF is a bit over Armed. If i can recall, the Wildcat, cousin of the Hellcat, had one 25mm Pod instead of 2 M134 mini guns. I believe it would be best to bring back the 25mm pod for the Hellcat, though it is less, it's just as effective as 2 m134's, and wouldn't be just a slightly larger AH-9, which has the SAME loud out.


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Wait how is a 25mm canon "less" than a 6.5mm gatling ?

At least in game I'm pretty sure the first one would wreck havoc on MRAP and light APC's while the 6.5mm is only really effective against non-armored targets (boats ? trucks n ATV)

(But considering I didn't check the damage output of the gatling since Beta I might be wrong there)

Two gatlings... to be exact, its the same thing as the Blufor AH-9 Pawnee, just on a bigger heli. One 25mm pod would make more sense, though, i've taken out a Marshal with the Gatlings easy. That, and the Opfor Marid. The 25mm Pod though, it would be better for balancing out the weaponry of Blufor's light scout, and Greenfor's light scout.

Check the real life weapons they use. War isn't balanced. Take a look at what they are shooting at and research to determine if they are as powerful in real life.


Its not really about balancing here, i kinda made it sound like that though, now that i read it over. The Wildcat in A2 had a 25mm Pod. I can't understand why they changed over to 2 M134's.

I think you'll find that this combination of weapons is good and balanced.

Check the Wildctas real life weapon system whether it can use either or only just the one.


In real life? It has 2 20mm cannons, and 2 rocket pods.

Info-- 2 x 20mm cannons, 2 x 70mm rocket pods CRV7, 8 x TOW ATGM

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That's the Navy version isn't it ?

No, the naval version has torpedoes and anti ship mines, and a sonar detector... now that i think about it, maybe the Hellcat is under armed...

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I can't find the WY-55 variant specifications on that page... :(

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Just give it a 20mm gun pod and a 70mm rocket tube with guided rockets like the Orca since the vehicle has a FLIR unit with laser.

Now, you can add two Twin Cannon 20mm

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