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Bullets have lifetime aprox 6s if they wont hit the target in this time they disappper.
It would be nice if default bullet lifetime was prolonged.
This 6s lifetime is since at least arma 2, today we have stronger hardwere.

U can say that i can change it by myself. OK but in MP i have to ask admin to change it. Most of them dont care.


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nice idea. Better life time and range for weapon is nice. Just it should be interesting to see how cpu laod is increased by this setting ? Just for big MP server :)

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On YouTube, out of 5 years of ArmA 2 videos, there are VERY few shots that are even anywhere close to approaching 6 seconds (apart from on bots).

I watched a few shots at over 2,000 meters, one approaching 2,200. This is about 3.7 and 4.3 seconds, respectively. Still a good 2 seconds left! Only one shot I've ever seen was over 2,400 meters on an enemy player, that was about 5.6 seconds. In ArmA 3 it's actually harder to shoot that far.

So increasing default bullet lifetime is unnecessary, because assault rifles will never shoot that far. Non-issue.

However for the .408 and .50 caliber bullets it would be useful to have an increased lie.

I had 2400m mp kill in arma 2 and when i used to play it i usually got 1-2 kills over 2000 per day. I think with weapon resting addon 2600+ kills are possible.

if it 6sec for all munition ? Because with an aircraft , 2400m is not a lot ( ok it is a lot, but some times not, it depends of the situation )

^6 seconds for most stuff up to the 40mm cannons, it is 15 seconds for larger guns (120mm on tanks). For the 155mm artillery it is 3 minutes.

However different bullets travel different distances in 6 seconds. For the Buzzard they only go about 2.3 km, the 20mm has poor aerodynamics. But for the 40mm on the Marshall they can go almost 6.4 km.