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Remove seagulls after spectator initialized
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When playing multiplayer I've noticed that at the position where someone dies always appears a seagull. It appears at 5m height and just hangs in the air, flapping its wings. If you see a hovering seagull you know for sure that under that seagull somewhere is a dead player. It becomes very annoying when alot of players die, and there appears alot of seagulls just hovering in the air, like if they where auto hovering. (if there is no respawn)

So I ask you to remove those seagulls after players death. Make then invisible, or replace them with butterfly, i don't know, but do somethig about this.


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I can't figure out how to use Arma 3's spectator mode without having seagulls spawn in all over the place (giving away where players have died).

Removing the seagull spawn would make the spectator mode viable for PvP play.


For anyone looking for a work-around, you can add the file "onPlayerRespawn.sqf" to your mission folder, and within put:

{if(_x isKindOf "seagull")then{_x setPos [0,0,100]};
}forEach nearestObjects [player, [], 250];

It's a bit crude, basically just moving the seagull to the bottom-left of the map, but it seems to work fine when using the respawn template "spectator".

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i thought that they already did that, anyways, you can find a way around it, and i like seagulls, so downvoted.

Who doesn't love seagulls? Still it feels really weird that they aren't disabled by default when using the spectator mode. You can instantly see where and if people have died by gazing at the sky, which has tons of implications in some game modes.

Still present with GROUP respawn after no AI left - and quite silly!

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