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AI Doesn't "Transport Unload" if enemys are near
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after hours of testing and working in the editor I have to report, that troops who did get in a helicopter with the "get in" waypoint will not be unloaded by the helcopter as soon as the helicopter spottets enemy vehicles.
As soon as the the helicopter spottets enemys, all waypoints will be dropped and it just starts to flying around in a big circle and will never land.

I've tryed almost everything to let the helicopter land but nothing works.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Create a group of soldiers who should get in the helicopter.
  2. Create a helicopter which should transport the soldiers to the target location.
  3. Create A Base with the "Base" module anywhere on the map.

(you can place vehicles and soldiers on the map manually as well, if you want. It will make no differences...



  1. "Get in" waypoint --> synchronized with "load" waypoint of the heli.
  2. "Get out" waypoint --> synchronized with "transport unload" waypoint of the heli.
  3. (if you want so) "search and destroy" into the enemy base


  1. "Load" waypoint --> synchronized with "get in" waypoint of the soldiers
  2. "Transport unload" waypoint near the enemy base --> synchronized with "get out" waypoint of the soldiers.
  3. (if you want so) "move" waypoint to any position on the map.

That's all.

Additional Information

If I remember right, this is a known issue from ARMA2, why is this still in the game?

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oukej added a comment.Feb 27 2014, 7:16 PM

Have you tried disabling fleeing by using allowFleeing command?

It should help. If not, please, let me know.

I can confirm this issue. However I had a different setup. In my mission one UH-80 is waiting until every player is onboard. Then it starts, flys to the target area. However I didn't place a Get Out waypoint. The AI pilot simply ignores EVERY waypoint close to enemys and tries to engage although not told to!

oukej added a comment.Jan 22 2016, 3:51 PM

Fixed in

Thanks a lot for helping us improve the game!

Just a note:

"Get out" waypoint --> synchronized with "transport unload" waypoint of the heli.

It's better not to synchronize these waypoint because this way you are duplicating the orders and the AI can get stuck waiting on the other one (e.g. Get Out) that may never get completed (cargo got already out by the first WP)