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Accessing inventory while in a vehicle
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All players inside a vehicle should be able to access it's inventory at all times.


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Enter a vehicle as gunner, driver, commander or any special role. Try to open inventory.

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This is related (but NOT duplicate) to

One might (rightly) consider this unrealistic, but the current implementation where you can not even access your own gear because of sitting on the commander's seat is no more realistic. Also the restrictions should be tied to your position, not to your role. A fully accurate inventory simulation is however unlikely to be added.
That being said, I would consider it much less annoying being able to access the car trunk from e.g. the gunners seat than having to stop and exit a vehicle just to reach into my pocket.

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1+ from me, because this is one thing which annoys me to.
Don't know why someone has downvoted this

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You can already access the inventory as a passenger. You shouldn't be able to access it as a gunner, driver or commander.

@AD2001 How does having a monitor mounted in front of you affect your ability to access the luggage?

It would depend on the vehicle. In an Ifrit it might possible, however most of the armoured vehicles, the driver does not have access to the passenger seats (where the storage space usually is.

I think there was a note in one of the change logs that it was disabled or something

@stonestriker&AD2011 if you want all things super realistic, why you dont make a ticket with the title "You should have to put your backpack in the Inventory of a vehicle, before you can enter the drivers seat"
Or "If you have a backback on your back, it should not be possible for someone to sit on the backseat of a quadbike"

To much realism is killing the fun!

There's a really good game that I think is just for you, it's called Battlefield 4.

Delete your feedback tracker account and go play it now!

No this is bullshit, I don't like battlefield, so you are wrong with you "argurment".

Btw.: Much servers are offering reviving, what is highly unrealistic when you get shot from a tank, but the people like it anyhow.

The reviving is a 3rd party script, BIS didn't make it, so they're not responsible for it.

Also, Arma 3 is a simulator, if you don't want realism, then don't play it.

I think you are not speaking for the most of the people, which are playing arma, when you are saying "if someone doesn't like realismus, where it is destroying the fun in the game, he should not play arma".

And even if the revive script is not from BIS, it shows anyhow that much people are not thinking like you.

@ArmaPlayer: I don´t want the game to be 'super-realistic', but it should make sense. A driver reaching back, grapping a Titan Launcher, while still driving a tank does not make sense to me.

Yes, you are right with that.
But in real you could say to your buddy on the backseat "Please put a rocket in my backpack", while you driving.
Or you could grab a ammo clip which is placed on the co-driver's seat, or you could grab a gun from the glove compartment.
But I think it would go to far if you simulate such details, and so you have to made compromises.
And i personaly would prefere the compromise that everyone can access the inventory at any time over no one can, and normaly you also can not access the inventory from the backseat either, only if you are the first which get in the vehicle as driver and than you have to switch from the drivers seat to the backseat.

In my eyes the current implementation is not more realistic as the one I proposed.
I cannot even access my own vest while sitting on the driver seat.

A realistic implementation would have to differentiate where exactly what type of cargo is stored in each vehicle, which is undoubtedly out of scope.

We can definitely agree that the current implementation is inconsistent and makes both of us unhappy :)

Failing to specify location of cargo space and which seats have access to what cargo for each vehicle, I would however prefer the more limited version.

My reasoning is that I feel it is too fast to switch equipment as it is, and this could help somewhat with 'vehicular ammoboxes'

If the current implementation "makes you unhappy" what changes would you propose instead if you disagree with my suggestion?

As stated in my second line, I would have each vehicle have a number of cargo spaces, with each cargo space only available to certain seats and having varying cargo space.

So if we take a Humvee, it should have a trunk cargo space (with 70% of the Humvee carry capacity) and a crew compartment cargo space (with the remaining 30%). The crew cargo space should be accessible for all crew members at all times (possible also for exited soldiers standing beside the vehicle), while the trunk should only be available for soldiers standing behind the vehicle.

I know that this solution is not for everyone, but that would be my preference.

While I very much sympathize with your ideas of a better vehicle inventory I consider them quite unlikely to be added to vanilla Arma3.
Therefore I still prefer my proposal over the current system which is rather annoying than realistic.

No, it does not seem likely to change much, and in that case, your idea might just help a bit

oukej added a comment.Jan 16 2015, 9:22 AM

Thanks for the feedback. This was solved some time ago and the inventory should be available to anyone.