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Dynamic view distance
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I know Arma 3 is not VBS 3. But in VBS there are a lot of good idea that we could have to increase the game.

For exemple i was wondering if it is possible to have dynamic view. It could be very helpfull for sniper, UAV, pilots with FLIR.

So if the weather is good we would be able to see at very long range for few cost of pc or server load.



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It's already possible with . I saw some Insurgency missions which utilizes this function and allow players to select desirable view distance when they on foot, in car or in plane/helicopter.

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it is totally different i'm not requesting to set our view distance in-game, watch the video.

Dynamic mean that you have for example 2KM of visibility but when you are scoping or using a FLIR and zooming, you will be able to continue to see into the artificial fog (limited view distance by the game even if you could have 100km of visibility ) and to see with objects.

I don't know if my sentence is enough easy to understand due to my english. But the video will give you the idea of what i mean.

Didn't notice that there is "Dynamic View Distance" part in this video (starts at 1:40). Upvoted, that feature would be very useful especially for UAVs.

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"Dynamic View Distance" gets a + (including the editor part of it)

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@Semiconductor : you are right sorry i didn't noticed it into the video. 1min40 is what is needed to see. Sorry mate.

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This is cool, would allow increased performance and longer engagement ranges.

I hate being limited to certain view distances, for example, with view distance set to 10,000 I can't see a tank at 5,000 meters.

A lot of servers have view distance limited to small numbers.

Definitely +1

To see the tank at 5Km you need to set also object distance to 5km or above.

But if dynamic range is included into the game you will be able to see it with a scope (even if you only have 3km of visibility plus 3km of object visibily) .

i would be happy to know why 1 vote down :)

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System should work as follows

Multiple setviewdistance options
for example

Setviewdistance [Base class, distance];

Setviewdistance ["MAN", 2000];
Setviewdistance ["PLANE", 3000];

These should be
a) clientside settings
b) serverside config settings (Which overide clientside settings)
c) Mission designer settings (Which overide serverside settings)

In all cases, these set the Maximum viewdistance when
vehicle unit = class of vehicle

There should also be a setviewdistance slider in the players gui, that allows the player to set a lower viewdistance for that class to avoid fps deterioration on lower performance rigs.

It should never be possible to set a higher viewdistance than the AI on the server or the mission designer settings tio stop players having a massive advantage on viewdistance

Sorry terox, but this is not what we request here. It is different from the general view distance.

Terox added a comment.Apr 25 2014, 4:49 PM

I think the useage of viewdistance here is the wrong terminology, this is really more about the functionality of a scope or even more correct, the ability of digital camera's or thermal imaging to enhance the detail when zoomed in.

What the video shows is not an increase in viewdistance but the increase in definition that the helo targetting camera has when zooming in. (video 1 min 40)

This is only suitable for digital enhancement technology, normal rifle scopes etc do not have this ability as they use pure optics to "zoom" in

In real life if its foggy or hazy you do not get a clearer view with standard optics.