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Money back petition for bad game optimization!
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Ok, since Arma 3 still runs like crap, I want people to give as many likes as possible if you are thinking Bohemia should give us our money back for not fixing game performance issues. It's literally not playable!!! I bought 2 CD keys for me and a friend and no way me and him can normally play this game!


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Take a screenshot of your system specs and I'm sure someone will help you out with advice :-)

You should've done research before you purchased the game. You can't blame a company because you didn't look into something before you bought it. It's not their fault your computer isn't up to date.

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My computer is up to date, trust me, Find low GPU/CPU utilization issue here on bug tracker, it's still not fixed

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Actually my PC is 3 times faster than the recommended specs

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give your spec.

Closing invalid ticket. If you wish to return the game please contact whoever sold it to you.