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Kuma tank underwater capabilty/more color schemes.
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Since the new Kuma Tank is based on the German Leopard 2A1 Tank I thought it should be able to drive under water (completely submerged) just like a Leopard in real plus it would be totally awesome:) {F22883}


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It can only ford water 1.2 meters deep without preparation.

"Before fording at a depth of 2.25m (deep wading) special preparation is required to activate the built-in hydraulic and pneumatic seals, and the folding snorkel [...] about 15 minutes is required to ready the tank for crossing water obstacles at a depth of 4 meters (underwater driving)."

The T-100 should also be able to use a snorkel for deep wading... Russian tanks since the T-54/55 have all had deep wading capability. Assuming the tank is of Russian origin.

The Merkava is the only one that, to my knowledge, does not (should, in case of semi-fictional T-100) currently have deep water fording capability.

But I don't see much use for this at the moment, takes 15-20 minutes to set it up, and there are no rivers to ford!

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