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[DEV] More difference in PiP settings
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After testing the DEV version (might be in standard as well) i noticed the PiP now looks better than ever (kudos). However it eats a lot of performance. For me personally i go from 50 to 30 FPS alone on Altis with it on. Previous versions i lost almost no FPS at all although the mirrors/monitors ran lower FPS to save real game FPS.

My suggestion is to have the low to standard settings with a bit of lag (lower FPS) in the PiP as it was before, and the high to ultra settings with super smooth FPS in mirrors/monitors as it is now in DEV for those that can handle it.

I think this will benefit everyone.


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Noticed this is in the standard game (non DEV version) as well.

Without PiP 108 FPS, with PiP 55 FPS. Thats over 50 FPS cut. Tested outside of a town. Inside towns it get much worse, and thats with all PiP settings. No difference in FPS between LOW or ULTRA PiP settings.

Please bring back earlier PiP low FPS consumption on the lower settings, and have this new faster framerate PiP on higher settings.

I never had to turn PiP off before, and it seems there shouldnt be a reason to since it worked perfectly fine before. Please consider this so most people can enjoy this new function in ARMA.

If its any help i know what would work really well. Instead of lowering the amount of things you see in PiP (the FPS difference is minimal between low and ultra visual objects) just lower the framerate on the lower settings and i think it will work perfectly.

PiP settings:
LOW = lower framerate plus standard setting "visual objects"
STANDARD = lower framerate plus high settings "visual objects"
HIGH = higher framerate and standard "visual objects"
ULTRA = higher framerate and maximum "visual objects"

Since you had the lower framerate earlier which worked perfectly im sure you can do the above and get more people happy.