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Disappearing bullets
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When i was shoting with m320 ive noticed that after 2650+m bullets disappearing.

Ive checked it in quick and fun projectile tracing mod from steam workshop.
U can see what im talking about on a picture.

Bullet had almost horizontal path and suddenly disapeared



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Yeah the bullets have life time before they disappear what I've heard. Some bullets have just more or they just fly faster and that's why they go further.

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Yup, regular bullets last for 6 seconds. I assume the CheyTac would go 2,655 meters. It's almost identical to the max range of the AS50 in ArmA 2 (2,670m).

This was not a problem in ArmA 2 because almost no one made shots at 2.5 km, and no one expected to be able to (apart from singleplayer in editor). However, giving the guns zeroing to 2500m has changed people's expectations.

Also, the Lynx should go just under 3,310m with APDS, but only 2,380m with regular ball ammo. That could be a problem as well since it zeroes further than that!

The lifetime of bullets is easily changed however. An extra second for .408, 12.7mm non-APDS and .50 BMG would probably solve any problems.

There is no need to shout, edited title.

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i think it could be interested to improve this for vehicle with fighter helicoper or aircraft , in order to allow them long range shot like in the real life ?

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^helicopter's 30mm will go over 3.1 km