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Dead bodies can block AI path movement
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Corpses located on navpoints seem to be treated as insurmountable obstructions by the AI under many circumstances. This isn't always the case, although I suspect that has more to do with the body not blocking the nav path/point/whatever even though it may visually appear to do so.

Often this happens in chokepoints- someone dies moving into a fenced area through a gap, their body falls across the opening, and then the rest of the AI squad say they are "unable" to move through the gap.

However I have had this happen out in the open in intersections as well (see pic). Since there seem to be very narrow nav paths for the AI to follow, if they think a dead body is an obstruction, then whole intersections and bridges get blocked pretty easily.

To be very clear- if you teamswitch into the AI that is refusing to move through the gap, you can easily move over the body. {F22873} {F22874} {F22875}


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Really just place dead AI onto nav points/into chokepoints between obstacles covering the AI path. Then try to order AI through that pathpoint.

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Attached pic with 2013-12-01 shows a cluster of AI jammed up into an open intersection. The main obstruction is a dead body, which is now creating a massive AI pathing cluster-f right out in the open.

ThisDoorScaresUs.jpg Shows a gap in fortifications that AI/players can easily fit through being "blocked" by a dead body. At this point in the mission, all AI refuse to move through the opening. Clearly there is more than enough room between obstacles, and the human players have no issues at all moving through the gap.

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Added image "TooScared" to show very clearly that the gap doesn't have to be in any way small for the AI to think its path is blocked. Kinda important to have AI that can move in the environment in a halfway predictable/intelligent way. Ok, who am I kidding, I'd settle for the AI moving in a 1/4 predictable/intelligent way through the environment. If there is a gap/road/doorway/bridge that the player is intended to move through/over/on then the AI should be able to follow. Even if a body is in the way.

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Are you using any AI mods?

I haven't tried any AI mods for Arma 3 that fixed this issue (and all mods are disabled when I document bugs of course), are there any good ones out there right now?

I know Zorilya's Garrison script for Arma 3 and 2 is an outstanding patch to the horrible default combat AI inside buildings, but I haven't checked up on AI mods recently.

And I know things like AI movement, AI cover routines, etc are all less cool than adding additional features, but it's so basic, that it'd be a shame if the devs ignored it and left it to the modders to try to fix. We've got some genius-level modders in the community but sometimes I think they get stuck fixing things they shouldn't be stuck with.