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New AAF MBT incorrect zeroing for its main cannon.
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The zeroing of MBT doesn't matters in a huge platform.
100m are capable hitting targets up to 600m without increase its zeroing.
and 100m zeroing also capable hitting targets 1500m away with only 10m-15m drops.


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Steps To Reproduce

1)Open your editor.
2)Press F1 if not defaulted, clicked randomly on your map, choose AAF
3)Choose Armour, place an AAF MBT-52, player as commander
5)switch to driver seat, find a decent place that have great distance and object for testing.
6)switch to the gunner.
7)Aim at random object and shoot it with different zeroing.
8)Try something like 100m zeroing shooting object up to 1000m
*Remember don't use auto zeroing system.

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MBT52 also have incorrect coaxial zeroing

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Well, I haven't looked at the values for the new tank yet. But for the other 120mm APFSDS, muzzle velocity is 1680 m/s and airFriction is -3.96e-005.

So for 600m I would guess a drop of only 0.6m, and for 1500m about 4 meters / 13 feet drop... so you wouldn't have to change the zeroing much.

I don't really see the problem here, 120mm penetrators have muzzle velocities from 1500-1800 m/s and don't lose much velocity, this means they will reach targets extremely fast, they don't have time to drop much.

Indeed I tested the MBT-52 tank and the drop was about 4 meters at 1500 meters, judging from the height of the T-100 I fired against.