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New AAF MBT suffer from incorrect zeroing of its turret coaxial gun.
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The zeroing of its coaxial gun was incorrect in the range of 1800-2400.
All of them behaved as zeroed to 100 m.
Also bullet shift left tremendously since 600 m. {F22859}


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Steps To Reproduce

1)Open your editor.
2)Press F1 if not defaulted.
3)Place an AAF MBT, player as commander
5)switch to driver seat, find a decent hill to test it.(about 500m-600m far)(and high enough)
6)switch to the gunner, switch to coaxial gun.
7)Aim at a place, don't move your mouse,and start shooting.
8)starts from 100m zeroing up to 600, you will see it went just fine.
9)Since 600m, you will start to see bullet shift left a lot.
10)And when your zeroing reach 1800m, you will realize your bullet suddenly drop down to 100m zeroing, even it says "1800m";
11)Try 1800m-2400m, all the bullet drops till 100m point.

Additional Information

This is either a zeroing calculation bug.
Or simply the developer accidentally give it a zeroing up to 1800m. Which is hardly a 7.62 nato rounds could reach.

The picture "test1" shows the bullet drop when zeroing set to 2400m.

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Just remembered, the 7.62mm bullets only reach ~1840m and the 6.5mm bullets only reach ~1815m, so you wouldn't hit anything anyways.

This is probably so there aren't bullets flying around the map for kilometers affecting performance, and it's not necessary, who hits shots that take over 6 seconds to impact?

Anyways it causes the zeroing system to mess up.

Larger bullets go further, GM6 could reach over 3300m, 120mm main cannon will likely reach 7km with HEAT and over 17km with APFSDS