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"StepOver" animation causes many problems! [3 VIDEOS]
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Check this video:
or this:
or this:

I'm standing behind bullet proof glass. Step Over and I shoot beyond it. You can just imaging how frustrating this would be for a guy on the other side.

Step Over is the one animation that allows you to walk through walls and what not. It has to go because of its hacky nature.


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It's also the only way to scale over small obstacles. You're better served with a improved anti-clipping system to stop the glitching.

Outright removing it would severely hamper movement near clutter/small fences/low walls as they become impassable. This is really annoying and forces you to think like a paraplegic. And guess what? Most battlefields are not wheelchair accessible.

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What is REALLY "hacky" about it (and I know this from harsh experience in many PvP battles, unfortunately) is that one can "Step over" onto any object that then causes them to stand with their legs halfway through, go prone, and lay "inside" the object, 100% hidden from sight, 100% invincible from ANY form of attack that doesn't destroy the object, and is able to shoot anyone around him (the object stops bullets from coming in; there's no problem with bullets going the other way).

For example, the H-barriers that are half-buried in the ground in the military bases on Stratis (such as Maxwell, etc) can be in such a way laid in, making you invincible.

@Killzone_Kid Yes, that's the kind of nonsense I'm referring to. It's an issue with how the ArmA engine deals with a lot of animations; regardless, I think it still applies to this "Issue" report.

Another video: Still kinda curious why people are downvoting this outrageous official wallhack?

"It's also the only way to scale over small obstacles. You're better served with a improved anti-clipping system to stop the glitching."

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Why do people downvote that ticket? Do they all prefer to glitch into or through objects?

Arma 3 needs a proper climb over/vault over objects animation/progress.


I voted this down, the summary says: "StepOver" animation has to go! and it mentions 'It has to go because of its hacky nature.'

I don't want this to happen, the stepover is essential in navigating small obstacles.

It would be nice if the flaws will be fixed though.

Not even reviewed. Ok, how about this:

Seriously though, what is wrong with you people, this single animation brings more problems than benefits hands down. I don't understand why would anyone like to see people walking through solid objects including closed doors?

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It doesn't "have to go", it just needs to be fixed.

I don't see anyone here saying that it should stay the way it is, so no there is nothing 'wrong' with us.
Outright removing it just wouldn't be the right solution.

danczer added a subscriber: danczer.May 7 2016, 5:32 PM

It definitely need some fix, it causes lot of issues.

duplicate of #7709