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3D clouds
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Hello all.

I have noticed that in clouds we can see very well ! ( it was a surprise for me :( )

My request is to have fog in clouds, because actually the visibilty is pretty high.

For example :

  1. in dbo_afghanistan set clouds to 100% . Use the F-18 and fly with afterburner ON close to the ground.

Even if you are in clouds you are able to see mountain at a verygood distance so clouds are not a danger for you.
So clouds are not increasing the game but are just here like a visual effect.

  1. If you walk on CLAfghan (without other mods only All in Arma Core to have clouds ) or in dbo_afghanistan you will see something like that :

at the top of your mountain, you see every object on other mountain du to the shadow or something close to that.
So put a sniper on a high mountain with overcast bellow the sniper and he will be able to shot some target that shouldn't be possible with normal fog in clouds.

  1. Vanilla Game : Use buzzard do a close formation with your leader into 100 fog. You can see it at long range even if sometimes a filter (like a wall of clouds ) simulate to miss him. But in fact this wall is at a long distance and is less effective than fog into cloud.

To conclude : It could be easily increase the way of playing in the game if fog or something close to fog is add to the actual clouds.



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I'm interested to know why you have voted down ? Because IRL when you are flying in clouds or walking in moutain through an overcast you don't see at 1km like in the game. :)

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There are always these guys, that give a downvote without any explanation... never mind him. You won't get an answer.

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The reason why i downvoted this is because we cant upvote this based on mods and addons.

try it with a vanilla chopper on a vanilla terrain, because if not, its not up to BIS to fix it.

But it is not due to the aircraft. It is due to the "clouds from the game" .

I said FA-18 because it allow to fly at 1100Km/h . That show the lake of clouds by missing fog inside clouds.

You can use the original aircraft you will have the same thing.

Into clouds we should have several level of fog. For exemple during thunderstorm into clouds you have 100% fog. When it is very thin clouds like a setting of 10% of clouds in the sky, fog into clouds coulds be around 40%.

It is the meaning of my request.
So using mods and addons or vannilla chopper and vanilla terrain won't change anything. It is just to show the limits of actual clouds.

If i wrote go in clouds and make a close formation flight then increase your distance to your leader to see this limits would you do it ?
I'm not sure this why i also used extrem example -> F-18 , dbo_afghanistan or clafghan.

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then it looks legit.

Upvoted, BIS is trying to make the game more realistic adding features like the rain, illumination and clouds, and PiP but at the end they are all broken

Closed because it is a duplicate of this ticket: