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[Request] Ability to terminate group leader issued orders execution (currentCommand)
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currentCommand provides the ability to check what order is under execution by a given group member(s), namely:


but there is no scripting ability to bypass such orders. While units have such orders they become unresponsive to any other routine which might have higher priority for the needs of the scripter/mission maker.

doFollow group leader (as scripting equivalent of "return to formation") does not release the unit to receive further (disparate) orders.

enableAttack true/false only goes so far in dealing with this, naturaly not affecting other orders.

adding to the issue is the fact that, in some circumstances the engine provided routines above may bug out or misbehave, or generally speaking, constrain too much how such orders would be fulfilled.

Hence the need for a script command that allows the ability to suspend/terminate such orders.


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Golden would be to have event handlers created for the instances where a leader would issue such orders, or alternatively a facility similar to dangerFSM where these events could be managed. Paving the way for customized routines for each of those instances. But this is matter for another request ticket.

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Having observed AI behaviour having currentCommand = "ATTACK", i'd say some scripting commands are briefly able to override the command, but looks like "ATTACK" takes over again, almost immediately.

I also tried to override currentCommand via a custom doFSM call, but the call appeared to be:

a) skipped most of times;
b) rarely executed with substantial delay, then quickly overriden.

Yes, trying to exert any consistent control over individual AI units via scripting has always been a nightmare that has held back AI modding and scripting for years. See my brief comment here:

The only workaround I could ever get to consistently address such issues is to throw the individual AI I need precise control over into separate proxy groups (returning them to their "home" group when finished with them), but that leads to a host of new headaches as A) your detached AI has now lost all group related functionality and B) you now have to deal with the 144 group limit and C) other nasty "gotchas" that I hadn't yet encountered and/or thought of.

^^ pretty much, but i am optimist, it appears some flexibility is coming, i keep seeing "global" and "per-unit" words in bold, this as i see it, hints at some proper dealing of the issue.

0013229: Ability to individualize setBehaviour type commands to group members

@gammadust: Yes, I have seen some recent dev posts on the BIS forums that are making me hopeful as well. Already voted on the other ticket you linked a while back. Thanks for taking the time to post these, BTW. You're a great service to the community. :)