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setWaterColor and getWaterColor
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I would like for the ability to control the water color with the two VBS3 commands setWaterColor and getWaterColor. The command would be JIP compatible and global.

Obviously the pictures in the links are of the extremes you can take it to. Most of the time it would be done more subtle for things like algae blooms. Or changed to simulate more particles in the water due to a storm.


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Down votes are pretty meaningless in this situation with no reasons why or discussions why.

Surely adding a scripting command would not affect anybody negatively.

Looks to me like you've established a bit of a "fanbase" amongst the trolls, ProGamer. :) Downvoters, come crawling out from beneath the woodwork and explain yourselves!

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Upvoted, from all of the things ArmA needs from VBS this is the easiest thing to do. (add commands)