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setInscatteringIntensity and getInscatteringIntensity
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It would be nice to be able t play around with the color of crepuscular rays using the scripting commands getInscatteringIntensity and setInscatteringIntensity from VBS3. The command would be global and JIP compatible.

The uses for this would include making more scenic pictures, add to the visual simulation of nukes, and allow for many other uses for the new crepuscular rays the RV4 engine gives us.


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Why the down votes? It does not negatively affect any players negatively to have additional scripting commands.

Its a cool feature, I can image application in some art-style missions or to support certain moods.

If you remember not so long ago we had a cull on simul commands, lots of them were light related. I guess it is pretty clear which direction the development is heading at this point.

They were light related for weather. The crepuscular rays technology is a separate technology created by a developer in his spare time.

@Killzone_Kid: Can you elaborate on what you're trying to suggest? Not trying to pick a fight, I'm honestly unclear what you're refering to. I was under the impression - based on nothing but my completely unscientific gut feeling - that the cull of these commands was temporary, and the long term plan is to re-introduce them after the underlying engine components are more-than-less fully developed and under better control. Am I completely off-the-mark with this assumption?