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submerged wrecks in editor
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If you place a submerged wreck in the water in the editor you have too work with elevation too place it on the ocean floor.
If you make the elevation plus zero it even floats in the air.
But if you place a cargo container over the water it falls.floats for a while and then sinks too the bottom of the ocean.
Really fascinating too look at btw :p
Is it possible too make the submerged wrecks in the editor too work the same way?


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I don't think it's possible to put some thing under the map, so try a large negative number with elevation.

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This is not a bug, this is a question to be asked on the forums.

I'll answer, though. Only vehicle objects have physics simulation. You'd have to create the actual vehicle, use (this setDamage 1), and manually make it a wreck.


ProGamer and ultimate are right.
Uou can accomplish the same thing with both ways.
I was just confused how a everyday container is acting more realistic then something made special for that in the editor.
I knew it wasent a bug.
Next time i think a bit longer before pressing the feedback button :-)