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Zoom stuck in tanks after zooming in.
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I got the same problem as is issue 0005881 that when Im as driver in a tank or gunner in the artillery tank. What I do is I hold the right mouse button, it the zoom in full and go to 3rd person view. When I release the right mouse button it goes back to drivers view stuck in full zoom.
in other situation the zoom out works. However, I cant be 100% sure that its a bug since Im using Track IR an maybe I configured something wrong so its conflicting somewhere.
If I only use the TrackIR as zoom moving my head forward, it works as long as I dont touch the right mouse button.


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I guess its difficult to reproduce since it might be my settings, so Im not 100% sure if its me that need support instead of you fixing a bug.. Im happy to share any info you need.
As mentioned it seem that issue 0005881 are in the same range.

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