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Simulation Manager does not re-enable objects on respawn
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When using the Simulation Manager module, objects do not re-appear or re-enable on respawn.


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place Simulation Manager module in editor.
  2. Add respawn to mission.
  3. Start mission, run 2km away from base/spawn (or the radius set in the Simulation Manager settings).
  4. Respawn and observe all objects missing at base (e.g. airport terminal, ammo boxes, vehicles, etc.)

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Definitely seem to be some issues with this module. Sometimes the module fails to initialise properly aswell. See this thread for conversation

Just to add (now 8 months later) - AI units also appear to ignore editor-placed objects (e.g. walls or H-Barriers) and walk straight through them.

Dams added a subscriber: Dams.Jan 27 2017, 3:29 AM

I got an issue with this module on dedicated server, everything works fine solo or hosted but in DS, if i dismiss AI (for playable unit) its like the module im like an unplayable AI i can t pop up the simulated object or vehicle ... at base are not showing and same for the AI, i try to launch the game with the debug from Alive mod and that show all the unit simulated on the map if i go near nothing happen so the unit are simulated but it do not reconize me.

If i set in the parameter do not disable the AI (playable unit) everything works fine, when i enter a the right distance everything work fine and all the object at base (vehicle ammo box....) are here, there is way to make this module work without the AI enabled ? its not a huge issue, i just need to create a group for dismiss the AI