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Replace "Talk on X channel" keys with "Switch to X channel" (or just add new keys) for faster channel browsing
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Talk on channel keys are cool but we already have Push to Talk key so wouldn't it be better that we can assign those keys to just select a channel where we want to talk or type? This would fasten the channel selecting when you want to type in a channel unlike now they're just push to talk on a X channel keys. Why it's like that when we already have the Push to Talk and VON keys? {F22812}


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Push for example Talk on Global channel key. Notice that you're talking now but when you release it the channel changes back to what it was before. Now if you want to type in Global channel you need to browse through the channels.

My solution would be like this:
Press for example Switch to Global channel. Now you can type in it or just use Push to Talk to talk in it. Simple. Way faster channel browsing for people who can use number keys for example for this.

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Uploaded picture shows what keys I'm talking about.

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Just came in my mind that "Switch to..." might be better wording for this rather than "Select..."?

Can be very useful. But I don't see why you should repalce. Instead, just add more key binding options that are unbound by default. In the end I still think I'd use the current system, but I can see how in some situations it can be preferable to use the suggested method.

Yeah I'll change the topic to replace or add.

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