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Equipment using,repost(with quesition)
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Hey guys,once i was posting about that you could use the equipment wich is on the tanks for an example,or that you could,put your backpacks visually on them,or your rocket launcher,etc etc,and the answer was

''This is a request relating to 3rd party content. You'll have to ask them to add functionality, not BIS. ''

so who i have to contact?And does that mean BIS is not making the content for Arma3? kind regards :).


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Link to the original ticket?

original one is closed,so,that wont matter anyway,but here

have fun with it :D

What vehicle exactly was on the screenshot? If it was a vanilla Arma 3 vehicle, you could PM MadDogX on the forums to re-open the ticket.

It was a vanilla vehicle :),he closed it :D