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Allow overrding or merging of model LODs via config from multiple p3d files.
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In CfgVehicle configs allow config overrides or merges of LODs via multiple P3D files.

For example:

model = "\path\to\model.p3d";
modelFireLod = "\path\to\fireLodModel.p3d";
modelHitPointLod = "\path\to\modelHitPointLod.p3d";


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This would allow compartmentalization of models and significantly reduced file sizes, as well as the ability of mod makers to modify other models LODs with out having to have access to the models.

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Maybe reduce filesize, but for the game, you have to load more p3ds.
On other hand, I don't understand why I should want to do that.

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This is a hedge against my memory points in the other ticket not being added... :P

Though this would be nice for other things, like improving BIS models by the community, or overriding base models, etc.

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The main benefit of this would be obviously for soldier models where everything but the resolution, shadow, and pilot LOD are the same. It would allow for easier standardization across models and faster editing of large numbers of models.

Another benefit would be that the community could create interiors for BI vehicles that currently do not have them by overriding the pilot LODs.