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Mission makers need random items, such as helmets, vests, generic uniforms, etc.
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The quality and vast possibilities for mission makers would greatly be increased if we could see some random items, uniforms, etc added into the game. We already have a camo vest, police vest, some caps, and upcoming forest camo uniform classnames. It would be wonderful for mission makers to have things like the urban camo coveralls, some retextured AAF helmets styles (Black, camos, etc), retextured Mk20s that could be used for NATO, some PMC style vests, a couple random camo items like hunter camo and a generic, non-faction specific ghillie suit, you name it. I'm sure it's at least somewhat fun for the team to work on little sidenotes like this and add them in on the side. It would be greatly appreciated by the mission making community, as the mission-playing player group isn't always eager to download every little retexture for a mission. Thanks and please comment with ideas you may have!


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by hunter camo I am talking about insurgency-style camo from Arma 2, like hunters wear