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Vehicles have nonsensical/inconsistent weak points.
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In lieu of an actual damage system, many of ArmA 3's vehicles come with weak points that can be taken out by small arms or HMG fire.

The system is riddled with unrealistic outcomes, and is still incomplete. This ticket will include a lot of various observations.

  1. Remote turrets

Expected: All HMG and GMG turrets on all vehicles are of similar design and should be disabled by bullets.
Observed: While the Panther and Kamysh have vulnerable turrets, MRAPS have invulnerable turrets. A single round to the large unprotected optics should cause a firepower kill.

  1. Nonsensical AA vehicle turrets

Expected: Hitting the cannons and servos of AFV should cause a firepower kill, if the damage is sufficient.
Observed: Tank cannons cannot be damaged by directly hitting the barrel model itself.
Observed: Non-penetrating hits to turret armor plating can disable the gun of MBTs. A handful of 6.8mm bullets to the front turret of the AA vehicles causes a firepower kill, despite the fact that the ONLY heavy armor on these vehicles would be located here. AA vehicles are the most uselessly vulnerable vehicles in the game, despite their amount of armor or hitpoints. Shooting the actual gun of an AA vehicle does nothing. This is 100% backwards.


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Other users are invited to post their own findings on inappropriate or missing vehicle weak spots. Please, no editorializing or posts lacking details. Follow Expected/Observed format only.

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