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Big Dome sidedoor does not open with animate command
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The Big Dome side door does not open with the "animate" command nor the "Open / Close door" module. All other doors open apart from this one.

The only way to open the door is via the action menu triggered by the player.
I'm hoping the id of the door is "door_1_rot". But it does not work with the module either. {F22751}


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Steps To Reproduce
  1. Place Open / Close door module and set doors open
  2. Make sure its in the area of the Big Dome Structure
  3. Test mission
  4. Side door will be closed and other will be open.

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"door_1_rot" isn't the correct name in this instance. That door is actually a set of sliding doors, 'a' and 'b', and each can be manipulated individually.

building animate ["door_1a_move",1];
building animate ["door_1b_move",1];

But yeah, the open/close door module doesn't affect that door. I guess maybe the module script just searches for "door_x_rot" entries. For future reference, you can look up a building's classname in the editor's config viewer, and check the 'UserActions' section to find the code for interactive elements.

Thanks for your tip and classnames. Ran into this issue when making a mission.