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Command 'vehicle' does not act as expected.
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vehicle as is stated in the documentation does not work in Arma 3. the vehicle will always equal the player; however, you can get the class name of the vehicle in this manner(where _x is a player):

When I use this in my code:

if (vehicle _x != _x) then {

then it always returns false. It recognizes my player, but 'vehicle _x' returns _x always.

However if I do the following:

typeOf (vehicle _x)

and it will properly get the class name of the vehicle that the player is in. So to properly see if the player is in a vehicles you would need to do something like this(where _x is a player):

if (typeOf _x != typeOf (vehicle _x)) then {...

So either the documentation is wrong, or something is wrong with arma.


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Use the following code when in a vehicle and you will never see the hint.

if (vehicle player != player) then {

hint "You are in a vehicle.";


or this:

hint format ["Value: %1", (vehicle player != player)];

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The command works as intended. vehicle player will return either vehicle the player is in (if player is in a vehicle) or it will return player object (if player is not in a vehicle).

if (vehicle player != player) then {

hint "You are in a vehicle.";


I've added screenshot

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This is very peculiar, It really wasn't working the other day with the same code... guess this issue is closed.