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Wind and wind gusts need to be synced in multiplayer
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Wind and wind gusts need to be synced across all clients in multiplayer and be JIP compatible. This is because any mod or script that utilizes wind would want for all players to experience the same environment.


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All wind related commands need to be global.

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I've done some tests and everything seems to be syncing just fine. I even made a video to demonstrate it:

1st array is client, 2nd is server and values are read simultaneously. Array of values:

[wind, windDir, windStr, gusts, rainbow, rain, fog, fogForecast, fogParams, overcast, overcastForecast, waves, humidity, daytime]

I tested this with JIP and it also syncs correctly. Do you have solid proof that weather doesn't sync properly?

What doesn't work however is if you use any of the setXXXX command and affect weather on the server expecting it to sync to the clients. It is not just not automatically propagate to clients, any JIP joining server with manually affected weather doesn't sync. So yes in this respect this is a big mess.

So in other words, do not touch weather commands, kids, or you might find yourself in a big trouble trying to make it all work together.

It would really be nice for BIS to put server in charge of the weather. This would require 1 more command, something like


So after you've changed weather you run serverWeatherSync which syncs all clients and JIP. there is simulWeatherSync command, but I don't think it is relevant in this case as it does something else.

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