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When shooting pilot inside helicopter, bullet hits but no damage taken.
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If you shoot at a pilot that is sitting inside of a helicopter, the bullet hits him but he does not take any damage or die, its as if the glass takes the shock of the bullet.


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PLace helicopter on ground with pilot, try shooting pilot.

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The helicopters are supposed to have bullet-proof (resistant) glass.

I tried it on an Orca from point-blank:

With a 7.62mm, the glass held for about 6 shots before the pilot died.
With 12.7mm APDS(Gepard), the pilot was killed in 1 or 2 shots.

Mi-48 had similar results, was able to kill pilot and gunner.

HOWEVER I noticed that the pilot/co-pilot did not appear to be dead (even though they were). They remained sitting upright and looking straight ahead.

So perhaps a ticked should be created for that issue - pilot's heads should slump over when dead.