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ppEffects does not effect Termal Imaging
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Thermal Imaging does not get manipulated by Scripting argument "ppEffects" like Grain,Blur etc


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when i add a grain to the TI, nothing is noteable but when i hit escape, the TI disapears and i can see the grain in the menu background. if you escape again back to the game the TI shows up and the grain is gone.

Upvoted, as this feature would allow an easy fix to the too sharp / too good TI issue!

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This bug should be fixed as soon as possible!

Olds added a comment.May 2 2014, 7:49 PM

Fix this please, simple solution to the overly clear TI issue. It doesn't make sense that you can tweak this for other views (like NVG) but not for TI...

this would give us the possebility to change the clean look and add more immersion. So whats up BI´s - small change big gain.

2020 and not fixed yet