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Allow aiming deadzone to be activated/deactivated using key binding
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Would be nice if the aiming deadzone could be activated/deactivated using a key press rather than the using the options menu.

I think it makes sense to tie it to the tactical pace key "C" as this key already toggles the aiming deadzone on and off when jogging. Simply extend it so that the key also toggles the aiming deadzone in remaining states.


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Not a bad idea for servers with activated crosshairs BUT for hardcore servers it won't be a practical feature.

Maybe you can activate and deactivate it with pressing ctrl+c (or with another combination). I liked that feature in Goldeneye 007 or Perfect Dark for the N64 (pressing the shoulder button for moving the weapon crosshair over the screen).

I give an upvote ...but in the end it's just a not so important feature.