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Can't get in full screen optics using remoteControl + switchCamera
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I have been asking around about this issue but nobody seems to know a workaround so I am guessing it could be a bug. Basically when I try to control an AI unit that is mounted in a static HMG using the remoteControl + switchCamera commands, I cannot get into the fullscreen optics camera. I can switch 1st and 3rd person using numpad enter normally or also using switcCamera "internal" or "external", using "gunner" as parameter gives 1st person camera same as "internal". When I use the getin command normally I can switch to fullscreen optics using numpad 0 or right click, but that does nothing when using remotecontrol + switchCamera.


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Open the editor, place your player and a MK30 HMG Raised and put gun1 as name (if you don't change any other config an AI unit should be mounted on it). Now click preview, hit esc and put this on the debug console:

player remoteControl gunner gun1;
gunner gun1 switchCamera "GUNNER";

You will have control over the HMG (rather the AI unit mounted on it), in 1st person camera. There's no way to get the fullscreen optics camera from here, numpad 0 or right click do nothing.

Is this a bug or I am doing it wrong?

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