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Weapon locks up. Can't reload, shoot or loot.
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I don't know if this is occurs only in the campaign, but I've only encountered it there. At the first part where you're objective is "get to the forest", just as you get over a crest you encounter a machinegunner and a marksman. Every time after I've killed them, my rifle locks up. I can't shoot or reload. Neither can I loot bodies and when I press SPACE or scroll, nothing shows on the right side of the screen. The ammo counter text in the top right corner is also red.


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Campaign Episode 1: Survive
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Reloaded the save several times and restarted the game.

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Are you using any mods?

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No. No mods

I have experienced this one time in the first mission only in my veteran playthrough. After the checkpoint where you see Camp Rogain being bombarded and being killed by the fireteam upslope, reverting to the last checkpoint resulted in the condition as aforementioned by the original poster.

The condition was chronic, restarting the mission resolved the issue.

Unable to reproduce. Do you have this issue always when you play this mission?
Could you try verify integrity of game cache?

Thank you.

I have the same problem, single player. I'm asked to flank to the left and take the high ground. game integrity verified. No mods, Keep restarting and it resolves comes back sporadically. Seems tied to using rifle and switching modes or reloading. Gun information area goes completely red when it happens. Similar to person above, can't change modes, gun, or search bodies when issue appears. Can still move. Death valley mission, campaign (survive).

This same happens to me on the mission Adapt - Beyond Recognition at the part where you've destroyed the first place and cleared the second at the point where the special force troops attack. After the gun locks up you can't interact anyway with your inventory and only thing you can do is move your character. This happens within few minutes after loading the Auto save.

I recorded a small clip demonstrating what happens, here: