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Vermin sighting
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The vermin's sights are not sighted in properly when you attach any kind of optic. The RD Sights are sighted too low of where the bullet goes and that is only at a 10m distance.


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Put any sight on a Vermin and shoot it.

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That's why they made special SMG sights, like the "ACO SMG" and the "Mk17 Holosight SMG"

Hm, the sights are prolly zeroed so LOW taking in account the slower Muzzle velocity of the SMG rounds; in every Arma so far (+ OFP), the SMG's had a much lower initspeed on their magazines or the weapon itself, meaning, the bullets were much slower, therefore, a farther zeroing makes the impact higher at close range. Most prominently the AK74U-SD had the zeroing so that the bullet hit about a foot to high at close range, but was correctly zeroed for about 100-150m or so, meaning, the shot hit where you aimed at, but closer than that, it hit higher.

It's a realistic feature, and only thing to counter it is reduce zeroing or use different, lower-zeroed scopes/sights.