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No Reload and walking animation for all stances
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Read the title .-.
it's disturbing /:


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Is this a troll post? Can you atlest write more a out if this happen just now or have been there all the time and some info. Also try to reinstal. And remove all mods/addons...

._. whut ? :D there is no animation for all stances
1_i have no addons
2_For example low crouch don't have a animation it goes to regular crouch animation when walking -_-

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Koala added a comment.Nov 7 2013, 8:51 PM

Some people don't know, how to post issues.

You can walk in all stances and every stance has its own walking posture. The same for the reload animation. Every stance (except low prone) has its own reloading animation. By the way, you can switch seamlessly the stances while reloading (except from low crouch to prone).

I don't know, what issues Costavojik is trying to report.

low crouch don't have it's own walking animation , its uses regular crouch

People just dont understand .-.