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Dead player bodies (multiplayer) sink to ocean floor. - Impossible to "drag to shore" for a revive.
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Dead bodies in multiplayer sink to ocean floor. This makes it impossible to "drag the body to shore" to revive the team member in multiplayer.

Can you consider how to drag a dead body out of the ocean? Maybe they lose their backpack automatically, so the body slowly floats to the ocean surface. Then a player can "drag" their teammate to shore by swimming slowly, dragging them through the water.

Please? We need the capability to drag a teammate in the water to shore, so we can revive them once they are on land.


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Get shot down in a helicopter over the water. Dead bodies sink in the water. Then try to have a multiplayer teammate swim out and drag you to shore. Doesn't really work well, if at all.

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My buddy sets his revive timer to 20 minutes. (He likes realism on his server) But getting stuck underwater for 20 minutes . . . is not cool. Thanks.

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That is, what dead bodies do in real life... they sink to the ground.

BI should integrate that "drag body" function from ArmA II ...but there is already an existing ticket:

What's your point here with a smart-a@# comment like that? ARMA 3 is not REAL LIFE. It's a sim, but not EVERY realistic aspect is enjoyable.

And actually, bodies DO float in water, if they are not weighed down too much. Which is why I suggested the possibility of losing your backpack automatically if you die in an aircraft AND your dead body lands in the water.

As for "realistic", most pilots fly for hours on end, for months or YEARS of training before they are ever ALLOWED to go into real combat. Are they going to simulate that boring but "realistic" aspect in ARMA 3 also??? My point is . . . some things are not fun.

If a person dies on the ground, we can revive that player. But if a gamer falls into the water, what??? Do they just have to quit? Or sink to the bottom and wait forever for no possible rescue?

Frankly, I'd like a game mechanic for dealing with the problem. That would be MUCH more helpful than a smart-alec comment from the back of the 25 cent bleachers.

ARMA 3 is not REAL LIFE. It's a sim, but not EVERY realistic aspect is enjoyable.<<<

Okay, let's then put fireballs, healing spells and trolls into it... It's a game, after all, no? Oh, and we can make dead players into spirits, so that it's easier to revive them.

"Revive" is not a core mechanic, and what you're proposing will look just stupid in vanilla game. Why won't script authors do something about it? Or why don't you just ask yoiur buddy to reduce the timer?

My buddy sets his revive timer to 5 minutes. (He likes realism on his server) But getting stuck underwater for 20 minutes . . . is not cool. Thanks.<<<

20 minutes respawn == realism? Huh.

Koala added a comment.Nov 6 2013, 11:13 AM

Wow, that escalated quickly.

Dead bodies will only float on water, because of fermentation gases inside the body. That mostly takes five till seven days until a body reappears on the water surface. Trust me, I am working as a paramedic and have seen several people dying in water in summer times... they will not float and thats why it's hard for the divers to retrieve the body in dark waters.

If the developers don't integrate the carry and drag function you have to look around for user-made-scripts for retrieving bodies from the water.

Yes, 20 mins. He wants a STRONG incentive for you to stay alive. But a helo full of people getting stuck in the bottom of the ocean, waiting for a single rescue diver who can't revive you when you're deep under water and there is no way to drag/carry you up to the surface, doesn't really work.

As for "fireballs" and "healing spells", you are taking things to an extreme that is well beyond ANY level of sanity, so I won't address you any further.

As for the five to seven days till a body pops up . . . and a revive carry and drag script . . . those are good points. As you said, hopefully someone will address the issue with a mod or fix if the developers don't. I was just suggesting the developers add some hook or fix to the game to be able to get a body out of deep water.

However, now I'm thinking that perhaps problem shouldn't ever be fixed, because it's slowly becoming clear to me that some people just need to go under water and stay there forever.

For me, this issue is closed. Adios.

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Wants realism so sets respawn to 20 minutes
Enables revive