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problems with subs
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before I start I want to apologize for my English.
Well, my problem is that the subtitles do not appear in the campaign.
I have the game set to Spanish with subs enabled.

  • I tried the game in English with subs enabled.
  • I tried the game in Spanish obviously .
  • I tried to change the language to English from the properties of the game on Steam downloading a package of 5.5 mb . I entered the game to try and nothing changed.
  • I tried the above but in Spanish downloading a package of 4.4 mb . Nothing happened !

Being English language from Steam I tried changing the language from the game (always with the subs on) and vice versa throughout this step. Nothing !

  • Checked the game cache in Steam which detects a bad file and download again. Every time I check the cache I feel the same with the file
  • I did a chkdsk of disk partitions in case file had been opened. There was no problem with that.

Finally I uninstalled the game , I went to download it and I repeated all the steps above and still in the same situation . PLEASE I NEED A SOLUTION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IN ORDER TO ENJOY YOUR GREAT WAR SIMULATOR . thanks


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so far I still have the same problem. please i need SOLUTION. thanks

tengo el mismo problema, no dan solucion???

tengo la solucion, tenes que crear un nuevo perfir de soldado, recien lo hice y funciono.

buenisimo, ahora pruebo y confirmo. abrazo

sos de arg? agregame por steam asi jugamos este juegaso!
Alan Garcia es mi user de steam

asi es, dale te agrego.



problem solved. you must create another profile

axgd es mi user ;)