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TC Override
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Would it be possible to add TC Override functionality to tanks/APCs and IFVs of ArmA 3? I know that you can Manual Control the gunner as TC in single player mode, but in multiplayer the tanks just feel dumbed down with a lack of a simple way to relay targets to gunner (different than yelling at your gunner).

How does TC override work?
There are a few ways of implementing TC override:

  • the M1A1 way - TC grabs his yoke, pulls his paddles overriding any input from the gunners controls and is able to do exactly the same things as the gunner (except lead calculation).
  • the M1A2 way - TC can override the gunner the M1A1 way, but can also designate a target - aim at the target with his periscope, press the designaton button, which rotates the turret, so that the gunner is now aiming at the same spot TC was aiming at
  • the Leopard way - (the most complex one). TC can slave his periscope to the gun (periscope always looking where gunner aims), slave the gun to the periscope (vice versa) or enter the KW-mode in which TC has access to all the functions of gunner except lead calculation

It would be great if we could get at least the Designate button.


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