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Vehicles under 'Car' have little to no fuel consumption
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Vehicles so far from what I have seen in game i.e Offroad or Quadbike have very little fuel consumption, they can drive pretty much endlessly around Altis for hours without having the need to refuel but vehicles such as the MH-9 Transport Helicopter consume fuel rather quickly. This is highly unrealistic and given that the map designers took the time to place the beautifully designed Gas / Petrol stations around the map I believe that this issue should be addressed. This is really a critical issue for RPG missions that heavily use Cars / Trucks and overall is needed just for ARMA 3's authenticity.

After reviewing the config entries for vehicles such as the Offroad / Quadbike against Air vehicles such as the MH9 I have noticed that there is a class missing and that is: fuelConsumptionRate

The MH-9 has a fuel consumption rate of 0.0368 and a fuel capacity of 242 were as the Offroad has a fuel capacity of 45 but no FuelConsumptionRate set, whether it's inherited from the base class Car_F or Car each Land vehicle / car should have its own FuelConsumptionRate.


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Point at a vehicle and put this into one of the the debug console value check fields:
getNumber (configfile >> "CfgVehicles" >> typeof cursorTarget >> "fuelConsumptionRate")

2 more examples:
The CH-49 Mohawk e.g. has a rate of 0.138
A M2A1 Slammer has a rate of 0.01

For me these are abstract numbers, no idea how they are applied in the game. Fact is, you can drive around in an M2A1 for hours on end w/o a noticeable fuel consumption. That really limits realism in any mission.