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[Helicopter Addon Request] Toufan II
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Possibly add Irans new helicopter to CSAT?

The IAIO Toufan or Toophan (English: Storm) is series of combat helicopters produced by the Iran Aviation Industries Organization. Based on the 'Bell AH-1 Cobra' designed in the United States in the 1960s the Toofan is produced in two variants, the Toufan I unveiled in May 2010 was followed by the improved Toufan II unveiled on January 2013


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...that's an AH-1 Cobra. 1960s technology in 2035? Those airframes are probably 40+ years old at that point. Plus, the Kaiman is a tactically more versatile aircraft, for gameplay purposes.

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Yeah im aware, but they updated it with newer technology and im sure they would still have a few laying around in use in 2035, never hurts to have extra content.

Just because it is a rip off it shouldnt be glorified in game

well forget this helicopter considering it is a ripoff, but still i hope more vehicles / aircraft get added to arma 3.

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Sure, also how about adding the following weapons:
-HS Produkt 2000
-H&K MP5
-H&K MP7
-HS Produkt VHS
-H&K G36
-Colt M4
-Sako TRG
-Remington M40
-Barret M82
-H&K AG36 (for G36 rifles)
-FN M249
-Ultimax 100
-9K38 Igla
-RL90 M95

And the following vehicles:
-M-95 Degman
-BVP M-80A
-M1151 Up-Armored Capable HMMWV
-Iveco LMV
-International MaxxPro
-PMS (mounted on Tatra T813 8x8 trucks)
-Strijela - 10CROA1
-Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21
-Pilatus PC-9
-Zlin 242
-Air Tractor AT-802
-Canadair CL-415
-Bombardier Challenger 600
-Elbit Skylark
-Elbit Hermes 450
-Mil Mi-17
-Mil Mi-8
-Bell 206
-Iveco 5 tone transport truck
-Iveco medium and heavy trucks
-Mercedes-Benz Actros 6x6, 8x8
-MAN Tank Transporter Truck
-Astra Truck
-Daf Truck
-Toyota Landcruiser
-Mercedes G 4WD
-Nissan Navara 4WD
-Land Rover Wolf 4WD

And the following artillery:
-D-30 RH M94
-CITER 155mm L33 Gun

These are all currently in use by NATO and will be in use for at least the next 10 years (maybe one or two wont, I'm not completely sure).

WarDoG added a comment.Nov 4 2013, 4:05 PM

i dont know if your joking or not but fuck i wish they would that would be epic

AD2001 added a comment.Nov 4 2013, 4:06 PM

Of course I'm joking. :P