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Cant move when reloading while prone
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Why cant the player move when reloading while prone, and no it isn't because I'm using my hands reloading that I cant get up. I don't need to use my hands I use my elbows.


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Go prone and reload.

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Have you ever tried to reload a pistol/sub machine gun/machine pistol/light machine gun in real life while moving in prone position? I tried and it's pretty hard to do, not to say, it's nearly impossible, even when you are using your elbows.

Just try for yourself: lay yourself on the ground, move forward in prone position and try to grab your hips/stomach at the same time (because there are the magazines)... see? It's hard to do and you need to stop for reloading.


I have military training and can reload and move while prone and get up while doing it, You have tried it but find it difficult because you have no proper training, an LMG is a different story, Reloading any belt fed weapon requires you stand still so running while reloading an LMG is as unrealistic as not being able to move while reloading prone.

Players as usual think they know everything but actually know nothing, just because they have played a game they are experts on everything military.